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Up First: Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Lawmakers ask four Constitutional scholars whether President Trump committed an impeachable offense. Three say yes. Will their testimony shape impeachment proceedings? What is the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, reportedly doing in Ukraine, and how is Ukraine's president reacting to Trump's impeachment woes? And what's behind a countrywide general strike kicking off today in France?

Story of the Day : NPR: Uber Received Nearly 6,000 U.S. Sexual Assault Claims In Past 2 Years

A new report from Uber, covering 2017 and 2018, says the claims range from unwanted touching and kissing to rape. Also, 19 people were killed in physical assaults during or soon after an Uber ride.

World Story of the Day : NPR: France Paralyzed By Strike Over Pension Reform

Daily life in France has been severely disrupted by a nationwide protest against the government's plan to rationalize the country's pension system.

Business Story of the Day : NPR: 'Curbside Pickup' Gains Steam In Grocery Shopping

"Curbside pickup" is quickly gaining traction in online grocery shopping, and it may be preferable to delivery.

The NPR Politics Podcast: #DemsSoWhite? Kamala Harris' Exit Raises Hard Questions About Race And Power

The Democratic Party faces the prospect of a debate in two weeks with only white candidates onstage. Earlier, they had the most diverse presidential candidate field in history. This episode: political correspondent Scott Detrow, political correspondent Asma Khalid, and political reporter Juana Summers.<br/><br/><strong>Connect:</strong><br/>Email the show at <a href=""></a>.<br/>Join the NPR Politics Podcast <a href="">Facebook Group</a>.<br/>Subscribe to the <a href="">NPR Politics Newsletter</a>.<br/>Find and support <a href="">your local public radio station</a>.

Talk and Interview

Fresh Air: What Ukraine's President Thinks Of Trump, Putin & The Impeachment Hearings

After six months in office, Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky is "quite cynical" and feels "there are no reliable allies," journalist Simon Shuster says. Shuster recently interviewed Zelensky for 'Time.'<br/><br/>Also, John Powers reviews the French film, 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire.'

1A: 'Canyon Dreams:' High School Basketball On The Navajo Nation

"It's important not to think of basketball as the only way out, but it's absolutely a cohesive and coherent force," author Michael Powell told us.<br/><br/>Want to support <em>1A</em>? <a href="">Give to your local public radio station</a> and subscribe to this podcast. Have questions? Find us on Twitter<a href=""> @1A</a>.

On Point: Impeachment Latest; Trump Administration To Tighten SNAP Work Requirement

<p>The latest on the impeachment inquiry, with the House Judiciary Committee holding its first hearing as part of the process. Mike DeBonis joins. Plus, a Trump administration proposal could cause millions of low-income people to lose access to food stamps in the long run. Elaine Waxman, Jonathan Ingram and Mag Strittmatter join Jane Clayson.</p>

On Point: Jenny Slate's Road To Self-Discovery — Through Self-Doubt

<p>Life, loss, and laughter. Jane Clayson talks with comedian Jenny Slate on finding her voice through tough times.</p>


All Songs Considered: Interview: Raphael Saadiq

The soul musician behind one of the year's best albums, the heartwrenching <em>Jimmy Lee</em>, spoke with NPR music critic Rodney Carmichael as part of NPR's Tiny Desk Fest, a special four-night series of Tiny Desk concerts at NPR's headquarters in Washington, D.C. Saadiq shared stories about his brothers' battle with addiction, the origins of D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel)," and what it's like to play two Tiny Desk concerts 10 years apart.

World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN: On 'Bird Songs Of A Killjoy,' Bedouine Only Feels LA's Sunshine Sometimes

Our guest, Azniv Korkejian, records as Bedouine. The name reflects the many moves Azniv has made in her life — born in Syria, Azniv grew up in Saudi Arabia before coming to the United States. Here, she lived in Boston and Houston, as well as in several other Southern cities, before she settled in Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood. On her sophomore record, Azniv has a song inspired by Echo Park, which she's called home now for a decade. We will also discuss the title of her album, 'Bird Songs of a Killjoy'. Azniv was finishing up the album when she realized there were more than a few instances of birds showing up in her song lyrics and titles.

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