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Up First: Congress Averts Shutdown, Trump To Appear In Court, Climate Solutions Week

Lawmakers narrowly avoided a government shutdown by passing a short-term spending measure over the weekend. But to do that the Republican speaker of the house Kevin McCarthy had to work with Democrats. Did he put his job on the line? Former President Donald Trump will appear in court in New York on Monday. This trial, one of many, is a civil trial. He and his company are accused of of fraud. Plus the affects of this planet's warming climate can feel impossible to reverse. <br><br><em>Want more comprehensive analysis of the most important news of the day, plus a little fun? Subscribe to the Up First newsletter.<br><br>Today's episode of Up First was edited by</em> <em>Dana Farrington,</em> <em>Krishnadev Calamur</em>, <em>Neela Banerjee and HJ Mai. It was produced by Mansee Khurana,</em> <em>David West and Chad Campbell. We get engineering support from Stacey Abbott And our technical director is Zac Coleman.</em><br>

The NPR Politics Podcast: McCarthy Fails To Unite GOP, Turns To Dems To Keep Government Open

Speaker McCarthy, unable to marshal his conference, relied on Democrats to fund the federal government for another 45 days. The deal puts his job in jeopardy and kicks the can down the road as House Republicans will still need to reach party consensus on government spending and aid to Ukraine in order to pass comprehensive government funding bills next month.<br><br>This episode: White House reporter Deepa Shivaram, political correspondent Susan Davis, and national political correspondent Mara Liasson.<br><br><em>The podcast is produced by Casey Morell and Elena Moore. Our editor is Eric McDaniel. Our executive producer is Muthoni Muturi.<br><br>Unlock access to this and other bonus content by supporting The NPR Politics Podcast+. Sign up via Apple Podcasts or at </em><a href=""><em></em></a><em>. </em><br><br><strong>Connect:</strong><br>Email the show at <a href=""></a><br>Join the NPR Politics Podcast <a href="">Facebook Group</a>.<br>Subscribe to the <a href="">NPR Politics Newsletter</a>.

Talk and Interview

Fresh Air: Producer/DJ TOKiMONSTA

Music producer and DJ Jennifer Lee — aka TOKiMONSTA — underwent two brain surgeries in 2016 that temporarily stripped her of her ability to understand words or music. She spoke with Tonya Mosley about that life-altering experience and being in the male-dominated field of electronic music. <br><br>Also, Kevin Whitehead shares an appreciation of tenor saxophonist Von Freeman.

1A: The Science Of Synesthesia And Super Sensors

Joy Milne<strong> </strong>met her husband Les in high school. Nearly 15 years after they met, Joy smelled something different about Les. The scent wouldn't go away, and a decade later, Les was diagnosed with Parkinson's. It turned out, Joy's nose was detecting the disease, long before doctors could.<br><br>Joy's hyperosmia, or super-smelling ability, helped develop a non-invasive swab test for Parkinson's. Hers is one of many stories in the new book "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Astonishing New Science of the Senses." <br><br>Author Maureen Seaberg<strong> </strong>is a super sensor too. She joins us to discuss why some of us have superior senses, and how we can all harness that power. <br><br>Want to support 1A? <a href="">Give to your local public radio station</a> and subscribe to this podcast. Have questions? Find more shows and information<a href=""> online</a>.

On Point | Podcast: What the rise of ultra-processed foods means for our health and society

<p>Ultra-processed foods now make up the majority of calories in the typical American diet. Studies show the health effects are about as bad as smoking. What would it take to get back to eating real food? Dr. Chris van Tulleken joins Meghna Chakrabarti.</p>


All Songs Considered: New Mix: Bob Dylan, Sparks, Darlingside, Annie Bartholomew, more

Bob Boilen shares new songs (in one case, a new recording) from a few of his favorite artists, plus discoveries from Montana and Alaska.<br><br>Featured Artists And Songs:<br>1. Bob Dylan: "When I Paint My Masterpiece," from<em> Shadow Kingdom</em><br>2. Annie Bartholomew: "All for the Klondike's Gold," from <em>Sisters of White Chapel</em><br>3. Darlingside: "Eliza I See," from <em>Everything Is Alive</em><br>4. Sparks: "Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is," from <em>The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte</em><br>5. Alaska Reid: "Back To This," from <em>Disenchanter</em><br>6. Buck Meek: "Haunted Mountain," from <em>Haunted Mountain<br></em>

All Songs Considered: Bob Boilen's farewell show: Songs that say 'goodbye'

Twenty three years after creating and hosting <em>All Songs Considered</em>, Bob Boilen is retiring. But before he goes, we've got a special send-off, featuring a surprise guest list of his favorite artists.<br><br>You'll hear from Brian Eno, Sharon Van Etten, Jeff Tweedy, Mitski and a whole lot more.

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